Oilfield Services

Alphaden's comprehensive oilfield services are the driving force behind our energy solutions. From exploration and drilling to reservoir management and maintenance, we employ a range of specialized services to extract and process hydrocarbons efficiently. Our expertise in system integration, process control, automation, and additive manufacturing has helped us maintain high standards of safety, reliability, and sustainability.

Well Completion & Simulation

The foundation of production performance lies in achieving excellence in the completion process, spanning from the reservoir to the production facility. Whether dealing with a conventional well or the most intricate subsea multilateral, our primary objective is to fully grasp our clients' completion challenges. Leveraging the industry's most extensive array of established products and cutting-edge technologies, we provide tailored infrastructure and well integrity solutions to ensure safe and efficient production throughout the lifespan of our clients' assets.

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Coiled Tubing Systems & Services:

Coiled tubing (CT) plays a pivotal role in various well site operations. However, its true value extends beyond mere conveyance; it lies in the performance achieved at the pipe's end.
Both on the surface and downhole, we provide practical solutions for tasks such as well cleanouts, stimulation, and specialized applications. Our CT deployment teams are instrumental in helping you attain significant operational and economic performance benefits.
Furthermore, our Tubing Research and Engineering Team enhances and broadens the applications of CT, drawing from a blend of research expertise and field experience.

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Wellbore Cleanup:

Our technology for wellbore cleanup and displacement enhances operational efficiency by reducing risk and minimizing nonproductive time. Mechanical tools and chemicals are used to eliminate debris that disrupts normal operations without harming the integrity of the well structure. We offer reliable, engineered, and field-proven solutions for effective wellbore cleanup and debris management, ensuring successful completion operations and maximizing reservoir returns.
Our comprehensive suite of wellbore cleanup mechanical tools covers products for displacement, casing cleaning, blowout preventer (BOP) operations, riser cleaning, and debris management. Our solutions encompass displacement simulation, torque-and-drag analysis, and load analysis. Whether you're operating on land, offshore, or in Deepwater wells, you can rely on us to save you both time and money.

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Fishing Services:

Our extensive range of fishing systems and tools, coupled with our industry-leading expertise in fishing, safely and efficiently remove wellbore obstructions, significantly reducing the costs associated with wellbore issues.
From intelligent intervention tools to auxiliary equipment that enhances performance, we offer the products and services necessary to address your fishing challenges effectively.

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Lower Completions

Sand Control: We recognize that sand production poses significant challenges to equipment and investments. With this awareness, we adopt a comprehensive approach to sand control that begins with a deep understanding of your reservoir and culminates in tailored solutions for the specific challenges of each well. Leveraging a diverse range of sand screens, multizone stimulation systems, and gravel-pack tools, we enable you to establish effective reservoir connections, optimize conductivity, and enhance recovery rates. Our commitment to innovation ensures that you can achieve maximum sand-free production and improve overall recovery factors.

Well Service Solutions: Our top-tier well servicing equipment, manufactured by Oil Country Manufacturing (OCM), boasts a track record of field-proven features and innovative designs. This high-quality equipment is your key to reducing operating costs, minimizing downtime, and elevating safety standards. Well servicing encompasses the use of rigs for a wide range of well completion, workover, and maintenance services, including installations, completions, well sidetracking, and support for perforating operations. We ensure swift order processing and worldwide shipping to any destination you require.

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Upper Completions

Pressure Pumping Services: Pressure pumping is a circulation of fractures through layers of rock using pressurized fracturing fluid and pumping the cement into the well bore to complete it. This approach is primarily used to extract resources from low permeability reservoirs such as shale gas, tight gas, and unconventional liquids, which are difficult to recover through regular drilling procedures.

Hydraulic fracturing is the frequently used pressure pump service, worldwide. Also, cementing services, sand control services, acidization, are also a part of the industry. Currently, pressure pumping is facing a lot of public opposition on environmental hazards caused by fracturing. Water usage, water contamination, and seismic activities are the most important concerns of pressure pumping. Due to these environmental concerns, the growth of the global market is diminished with a ban in many countries on hydraulic fracturing.